Parent Resources

Our Mission

To provide exceptional, individualized early childhood education focused on emotional, cognitive, physical, and social growth.

As a non-profit organization, we strive to afford families access to the highest quality care.

Our Vision

A community united in the purpose of:

  • Providing a solid educational and social foundation, giving any child the opportunity to reach their highest potential.
  • Fostering partnerships with families to help lay the groundwork for their child’s success later in life.
  • Nurturing and supporting children so they may grow to become happy, healthy and productive citizens.

Our Staff Commitment

  • I will know about, abide by, and advocate for laws and regulations that enhance the quality of life for young children

  • I will support the rights of children to live and learn in environments that are responsive to their developmental needs

  • I will improve my competencies in providing for children's needs

  • I will appreciate each child's uniqueness, thus enhancing the child's self-respect.